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About Our Business

Hi, I'm Cara


For years, individuals with diverse needs, such as Autism have been my passion. As a member of the African American community, I take it personally that my community tends not to have the same access to disability related resources and education.

I cannot see a problem, and sit idle.

This is how SincereLeigh Speaking came into being. With my education in Rehabilitation Counseling and experience in Behavioral Therapy and Inclusive Post Secondary Education,

I realized what I could do to help bridge this gap. 

At SincereLeigh Speaking, we understand that receiving a diagnosis is life altering. Depending on the diagnosis, things can become quite overwhelming. That's where we come in. We recognize the need for individuals and their families to become familiar with what the diagnosis truly means. Not only do we help you understand the diagnosis, we help you develop a personalized plan. This means we pair you with resources in your area, provide individual and family coaching, we also make sure you have all the tools to be successful advocating for yourself or your family member.

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